Friday, November 8, 2013

So recently here at Clemson there has been an idea proposed that all forms of tobacco products should be banned from campus. Now personally I don't smoke, but I couldn't imagine telling someone else that they are no longer allowed to smoke. I believe the idea behind this movement is a good one. Obviously, tobacco products are not safe for whoever uses them. However, putting a ban on tobacco products will not stop people who use them from using them in the future. The legal drinking age is 21, yet minors still continue to drink. Why? Because they want to. A ban or a law on something can and will not prevent someone from doing it anyways. It's even more ridiculous to put a ban on something that is legal in the country and everyone here on campus is (most likely) of legal age to use. I understand Clemson wants to better our lives by banning tobacco, whether it be the cancerous dangers of smoking or chewing tobacco, or even the effects of secondhand smoke, but it is not their place to say whether or not people should be allowed to use tobacco products. On top of that, when this country was young tobacco helped to bring in revenue for towns and helped build our country. It would be unconstitutional to ban tobacco. That is all I have to say on the matter.